What is neocities? Neocities is a free web hosting service.
Offering 1 GB of storage space and no server-side scripting,
the service's expressed goal is to revive the support of
"creativity and free expression"
(provided by GeoCities before its partial shutdown).
Neocities offers many more services for $5 per month.

Founded in 2013 by Kyle Drake with a mission to bring
creativity back to the websites,
Neocities is enabling developers, online entrepreneurs,
and anyone with a digital vision
to make their online dreams come true.

With a philosophy centered on open-source software and giving
back to the web development community,
Kyle and Neocities are looking to change the hosting space
by delivering a cost-, ad-, and template-free approach
aimed at cultivating individuality on the internet.
By combining the boundless creative environment sparked
by early internet pioneers
with today’s powerful web-building tools,
Neocities is changing the way people express themselves online.


I still remember with nostalgia when I started to create,
together with other IT enthusiasts,
the first websites in HTML, customizing them at will,
a period where it was enough a little creativity
and a minimum of computer knowledge to put up
a simple personal page.

Today unfortunately many people brain atrophy in front
of social networks, look at their blue page without
understanding that behind there is a larger world,
and the only sites that are seen around are those where
you can create your site in seconds,
without knowing the HTML language,
CSS and neither knowing the use of Scripts,
sites like Wix, Weebly, Site123 and many others,
which on the one hand gave everyone the chance to
have their own website, but on the other they killed
the freedom to express one's creativity.
The result is that today there are fewer and fewer
people who understand computer language
and more dull-looking websites,
and ALL SIMILAR to each other.


If I have managed at least a little to intrigue you,
I invite you to visit the site of neocities.org ,
if instead you are curious to see the web sites created by the community
go here Sites on Neocities

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