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11 December 2019
Uploaded new video "File 020 - Merry Fucking Christmas".

7 December 2019
Uploaded new video "File 019 - My Computers".

22 November 2019
Uploaded new video "File 018 - Another story".

18 November 2019
Uploaded new video "File 017 - Supernatural".

6 November 2019
Uploaded new video "File 016 - Censorship vs Pirate".

21 October 2019
Uploaded new video "File 015 - Happiness?".

12 October 2019
Uploaded new video "File 014 - Greatest Cover-Up".

30 September 2019
Uploaded new video "File 013 - Automatonophobia".

23 September 2019
Uploaded new video "File 012 - UFO Contact Occurred".
New "Gallery" page created in X-vision.

20 September 2019
Uploaded new video "The Car of the Future", updates and videos
will be made until October 28th.

11 September 2019
Uploaded new video "Cybergirl" Enjoy!

19 August 2019
My Systems page updated.

18 August 2019
Creation and updates of the Video section, the updates up to 8 September,
may be continuous.

13 August 2019
After almost a week of tests and graphic changes
I went back to using the old Layout.
I realized that there was nothing wrong with it was already so perfect.
Now I will concentrate more on enriching the contents of the site.
Created Music page, contents updated.

7 August 2019
In these days, after a long pause of inactivity,
I decided to ride CYBEROOM.
A little bit out of boredom and a little bit for some new ideas
that I came up with over time I decided to give a breath of fresh air to the layout of the site, in fact, as you can see for the moment is under construction.
I hope to hurry up soon with the new graphic work but I want to proceed calmly. See you soon!

14 January 2019
The site from today will no longer be updated
due to the short time I have available. I took advantage
of this holiday period to create a new personal website,
graphically much easier to manage and minimal.
Not all content will be reported in the new site
that you will find here 4k1.neocities.org
for this reason it is not my intention to remove CYBEROOM
from Neocities giving the opportunity to the friends
of this community to still be able to visit this site.
I thank all my Followers, hoping to see you all in my new site,
a hug Aky.

19 December 2018
Created the Dark Side of CYBEROOM,
pages under construction.

13 December 2018
Insert personal web page Tumblr in CYBEROOM.

10 December 2018
Updated page X-Net and Terminal.

6 December 2018
Replaced the Extra item in the menu with Terminal.
Updated jQuery application.

3 December 2018
Updated the Links page,
If you are part of my Followers
i invite you to send me your banner
to insert it in the Links section of CYBEROOM!.

1 December 2018
Created X-Net page, contents updated.

27 November 2018
Completed the My Systems section.

16 November 2018
Updated the Distro page,
inserted description of Linux Lite.

13 November 2018
Completed the games section.

5 November 2018
Change setting Layout and menu,
Added new pages in the Personal section.

4 November 2018
Added new menu Extra,
completed the Neocities description page.

30 October 2018
Added the description of SparkyLinux in Distros.

28 October 2018:
Added the description of Peppermint in Distros.
Desktop page was updated.

25 October 2018
Updated the Distro page,
inserted description of Lubuntu and LXLE.

23 October 2018
Completed the About and Desktop page!
page Distros still in progress.

19 October 2018
Home page update, graphics and Cyberoom links.

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